Peter Chai (Siyuan Chai)

I am a graduate student at the Graduate School of Political Science (GSPS) of Waseda University, and my research interests include comparative politics, public opinion, and East Asian political economy.

In 2021, I graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE) of Waseda University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. During my undergraduate years, I took a range of courses around history of economic thought, Japanese and Asian economic histories, and labor and development economics, and I completed a series of Advanced Seminars in comparative politics. I also took a course in Sociolinguistics as an Asia-Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Exchange Student at Keio University.

In 2017, I graduated from the International Department of Dalian No. 24 High School with the highest A-Level Business Studies grade in China, the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award, and the highest A-Level Physics grade at school. In high school, I also studied A-Level Mathematics and English Language and Literature. I came to Waseda University with partial tuition waiver and JASSO scholarships.


I have worked / am working as part-time Research Assistant (RA) for the following professors’ projects, and I was featured on Waseda Weekly as a Student Participation Model.

(1) Associate Professor Shuhei Kurizaki, who specializes in international relations, on his European diplomatic data collection and coding project (2019)

(2)Assistant Professor Giang Duc Nguyen, who specializes in corporate and entrepreneurial finance, on his Japanese corporate governance and venture capital data collection projects (2020)

(3) Associate Professor Willy Jou, who specializes in comparative politics and party politics, on his East Asian public opinion and survey literature review project (2021)

(4) Assistant Professor Yan Jiang, who researches in educational systems, active learning, and faculty development (2021)

(5) Professor Liang Tang, who specializes in Chinese politics and comparative politics of East Asia, on his data collection project regarding Chinese political elites (2021-2022)


I have worked / am working as part-time Teaching Assistant (TA)Advanced TA, or Office TA for the following professors’ courses, and I made a presentation for Waseda’s Center for Higher Education Studies as a TA representative at the International TA Development Forum 2021.

(1) Associate Professor Willy Jou, for his lecture courses Comparative Politics of East Asia  (2019 Fall) and Comparative Politics (2021 Spring) and seminar course Advanced Seminar III (2021 Spring)

(2) Assistant Professor Giang Duc Nguyen, for his seminar courses Basic Seminar (2020 Fall, 2021 Fall), Intermediate Seminar (Financial Technology) (2020 Fall, 2021 Fall), Intermediate Seminar (Financial Mathematics) (2021 Spring) and lecture courses Entrepreneurial Finance (2021 Spring), Finance (2021 Spring), and Financial Data Analytics (2021 Fall)

(3) Associate Professor Yuji Takayama for his lecture course 政治理論史 (History of Political Theory) (2021 Fall)

Other Appointments

(1) Part-time Student Assistant (SA) of Waseda’s Global Education Center (GEC) for its computer room management and IT consultation (2020)

(2) Part-time Student Supporter of Waseda’s Office for Students with Disabilities for its in-class translation and note-taking for students with hearing impairments (2021-2022)

(3) President of SPSE-EDP Student Council to help the school office with student affairs (2020-2021)


(1) BAI XIAN Asia Institute’s Asian Future Leader Program (AFLP) Enrichment Seminar (2018)

(2) Quantitative Text Analysis, Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis (2019)

(3) CAMPUS Asia ENGAGE’s CAMPUS Asia from Home program and Social Innovation Pitch Contest (2020)

(4) Survey Design and Analysis, Australian National University Online Summer School in Political Analysis (2020)

(5) Universitas 21 and Common Purpose’s U21 Global Citizenship Program (2021)

(6) Best Global Award (Proposal No.3), PSE Event Proposal Competition (2021)